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White-box crypto

About white-box cryptography, the subject of my internship at UL-TS. Read more



Play a game of hangman.
I made this back in the days to try out jQuery. It has some pretty good words. Play

A picross puzzle


A picross puzzle editor with some of my puzzles.
Picross (or nonogram) is a japanese puzzle where you colour squares according to row- and column-numbers to reveal a picture. Read more

Rush hour

A Rush Hour solver and editor.
Rush Hour is a puzzle game where you have to escape a car from a densely packed parking lot. Read more

Train rush

A chaotic game we made for a gamejam where you switch as many trains as possible to their tracks while avoiding collisions with other trains. Read more

A Dominating12 risk game of Europe in world war two

Dominating 12

Dominating12.com is a site where you can play the board game risk (and variants) online. Apart from playing the occasional match, I'm a volunteer programmer and maintain the site in my spare time.
In 2015 a friend and me rewrote the site so that we can keep it up to date. Read more

Domain-driven design

Domain-driven design (DDD) is a concept in which the structure of the code (and more) is focused on the domain. It's a great way to design your code with programming principles in mind, keeping it flexible and maintainable.

In order to experiment with DDD, I made a little web application where you can play the board game Draughts. Read more

Guitar cheat sheet

My guitar cheat sheet, to put some music theory into practice. Read more

Song editor

An online editor to quickly format and transpose a song and it's chords. View editor