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Rush Hour

Its very busy at rush hour in the 6 by 6 rastered parking place. You drive the red car and have to reach the only exit there is, by making the other cars go out of the way. The other cars and trucks are parked so complicated that it takes quite some driving to find the solution, as they can only drive horizontally or vertically.

About the program

As a part of the introduction project of the university we had to create a program that could solve puzzles from the game RushHour, a board game by ThinkFun.

With this program you cannot only play RushHour, but also get hints or solve the puzzle step by step. If you want to see how you are doing you can turn on the indicator to see how far (approximately) you are from the solution.
It's also possible to design your own puzzles, or to generate and save puzzles with a minimal number of moves to the end. The generation of random puzzles is quite slow (for creating difficult puzzles that is), so you might want to turn it on and do something else in the meantime. The generated puzzles will be saved in their respective directory. You can also download a number of pregenerated puzzles from this site.

A screenshot of playing Rush Hour A screenshot of Rush Hour with an indicater and the solver A screenshot of Rush Hour puzzle generation


Download RushHour or download extra puzzles

Fun facts

  • RushHour has 2043 lines of code.
  • Five people spent 308 hours of programming on the project (RushHour and a Sudoku solver).
  • Our random generator has generated harder puzzles than some expert mode puzzles.
  • Expertpuzzels are solved in less than 1.25 seconds.