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Hi there,

welcome to my little corner on the internet ;)

I'm Mattias, a software developer from the Netherlands. In here you'll find something about who I am, projects that I'm working on, puzzles, good hangman words and other things that I care about.

About Jesus Why don't you have a look around?

Screenshot of a dominating12 risk game

Dominating 12

Dominating12.com is a site where you can play the board game risk (and variants) online. Apart from playing the occasional match, I'm a volunteer programmer and maintain the site in my spare time.
In 2015 a friend and me rewrote the site so that we can keep it up to date. Read more

The hexagonal architecture

Domain-driven design

Domain-driven design (DDD) is a concept in which the structure of the code (and more) is focused on the domain. It's a great way to design your code with programming principles in mind, keeping it flexible and maintainable.

In order to experiment with DDD, I made a little web application where you can play the board game Draughts. Read more

There's lots of other projects, which you can find here or on GitHub.